The importance of oil in the world

My friends will talk with you today about the importance of oil in industry, commerce and transport
And transportation, where that oil contributes a great deal to a lot of the usual magazines
Our daily lives and in the industry by providing the necessary fuel for the operation of machinery and equipment
Necessary for the advancement of the industry and progress to the level of excellence and that's where the oil is also contributing
In transport and communications traffic so because it provides all the petroleum products such as gasoline
Oils and many other products necessary for the operation of motor vehicles and engines
The other, the oil is a treasure in the ground must for any country with this treasure
The exploited properly exploited Aaudd benefit to mankind and is considered the great importance of the Petroleum
In exploration and refining operations of extraction and transportation of oil and processes and is the raw material for many
Chemical products such as fertilizer, pesticides, medicines and many other products
The oil is of great importance in the petrochemical industry and many modern industries
The easy oil transportation, storage, and this made it of great importance to the entire world